The best 2D+3D endless runner asset for Unity

- by More Mountains -

A highly customizable, optimized and easy to use solution
that will provide you with everything you need to create your very own endless game.

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The Infinite Runner Engine has been out for more than a year now, and it's already been downloaded by thousand of people, and a lot of games using it have already been released on Steam, the App Store, Google Play or other places. Here are some of them, as well as testimonials from people using it.


The asset comes packed with more than a dozen examples, in different game styles, handcrafted by More Mountains to act as examples of how you can build your own game. But the asset is also being used right now by tons of happy game developers, working on their own unique games. Here are a few of them. Don't hesitate to send yours and we'll feature it here!

Lonely Robot is a beautifully rendered infinite runner, set in a melancholy forest filled with collectible flowers and remorselessly cheerful music. Four different play modes with speeds to suit every mood. Lose yourself in Lonely Robot's random walk and jump to avoid obstacles. Beware of camp fires, look out for crates.
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Castaway Pirate : Survive the savage seas in this pirate endless boat runner game..
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Pact Too Furious is a candidate race from the awesome people at MiNiBiG Studio.
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5 star rating By Far the Best of the Best Infinite Runner Solution. Possibilities are just Endless.
First Corgi Engine and now 2D + 3D Infinite Runner Engine. This is the best treat I could ever get on Asset Store. More Mountains you did it once again. What an asset. I mean it is so so simple to use, and your demo examples are awesome. Actually gave me a couple of game ideas itself.
I have no idea how you do it, and make it possible. I have purchased two infinite runner complete projects. Such a waste of many those are if i Look at this infinite Runner Engine. I am just in love with this powerful asset.
Keep it up! Unity would be considering giving you award right now lolzzzzz!!!!!

- Rizwan

5 star rating The best asset on the Asset Store, period.
I loved the Corgi Engine so I bought this one expecting it too be at least as good, but I didn’t think it could be even better. It has everything I needed for my game and more. The spawners and object pools are so simple to use and offer a lot of configuration options like time, distance etc. I love how the asset is able to handle both 2D and 3D games without having to deal with double the number of classes. The demo scenes are easy to understand, the code is well commented and very readable. We’ve been using it for a few days at work and everyone loves it, from the designer to us devs. It has sped up our process on this game and spared us hours optimizing stuff for mobile as performance is already top notch.
This is now an essential asset for me, thanks More Mountains !

- Sailorkwt

5 star rating This asset is the truth
Creating a game from scratch is not an easy task. Even for a very easy game, you need hours and hours of work and dedication if your goal is to do the coding all by yourself. So to produce even a very modest game, you need quite good programming skills (if you are going to produce your game in an engine like Unity! ). And this is exactly where this Engine comes in. It consists of many 'template-like' assets that will help you to produce your dream game even without being an amazing coder. All the basic functionality that you will ever need in an infinite runner game is already built-in and coded for you and ready at your disposal. While this does not mean that 0 programming skills are required, it still means that it will save you plenty of time doing all those scripts from the ground up. So what's in there? Let me just name a few things: Different kinds of spawners, setup for Parallax Backgrounds, so-called Death-lines (that make your player die at some specific point inside of the game), recycle lines, then you get multiple scenes (containing like ready-made templates for different kind of infinite runner games) and and and. It is packed with great features and all of the code is documented.
So if you are a good programmer, those descriptions inside of the code will help you to achieve things quickly. If you are a beginner, like me, you will definitely need to do some research to master all those features, but even for beginners, this set makes it much easier to create Infinite Runner Games. If your goal is to create a very simple game, you might be able to do that with that engine in a matter of hours.
At this point, I would also like to mention that the developer of this asset is a very friendly guy that answers questions quickly and efficiently.
So, let me just summarize: This asset is absolutely amazing. If you already have some Unity skills and have a basic understanding in coding, get this asset and build your dream game. If you don't you might first want to watch some tutorials and get familiar with the basic functions of Unity and do some programming in C# or Javascript. And then, you probably will want to come back here and get this asset. It is worth every penny and I am still at the beginning of understanding all those wonderful features and functions. All those hours to get even a simple parallax effect running are far gone now -->thanks to this amazing peace of work.

- Marcel Iseli

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