The best 2D+3D endless runner asset for Unity

- by More Mountains -

A highly customizable, optimized and easy to use solution
that will provide you with everything you need to create your very own endless game.

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The Infinite Runner Engine is a Unity 2D+3D Endless Runner Kit, available on the Unity Asset Store.
It's a highly customizable, optimized and easy to use solution that will provide you with everything you need to spawn infinite levels and create beautiful games. It comes with a bunch of complete game examples, in various gameplay styles (platformer, lane runner, etc...). Completely mobile and other touch devices ready, it's never been this easy to create endless games.

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This page contains an exhaustive list of all features included in the Infinite Runner Engine, as well as FAQ, a changelog, and a roadmap of coming updates.

Create your own game

The idea behind the Infinite Runner Engine is to allow you to create the game you want. With that in mind, it supports both 2D and 3D gameplay, and will give you everything you need to create games with a gameplay ranging from Flappy Bird to Temple Run. You could even use it to create shoot-em-up games, or basically any game where stuff comes at the player.

Bootstrap your game

While the asset aims at empowering you to create your own gameplay, it includes a lot of ready-to-go classes to handle the most common gameplays encountered in classic endless runner games.

Built-in examples

The asset comes packed with examples, so you can see how it all works. You can also expand on these examples to get started even faster.

Mobile friendly

The whole engine has been thought with mobile as a primary target device, and the asset includes support for touch controls (tap, swipes...), gamepad and keyboard. You can even try a demo of the asset, available on Google Play.

Handles all the hard work

The asset includes tons of classes that will handle all the hard work for you, so you can focus on your own features.

Easy to use

Although you'll still need to have basic Unity/C# knowledge to properly use it, the asset aims at simplifying level design.

Complete documentation

The asset comes with a complete documentation of all the classes, the entire codebase is commented, and there are already video tutorials available.

Will there be updates? Will they be free?

Yes, updates are released very regularly.
All Infinite Runner Engine updates have always been free, and always will be.

Legal restrictions

The names Infinite Runner Engine, More Mountains and Reuno Corp are copyrighted. Apart from that, feel free to use all code and visual assets included in the asset in your games.

Play a Demo

🖥️ Download a PC build
💻 Download a MacOS build
🤖 Grab the Android tech demo on the Google Play Store
🍏 Complete demo game on iOS